popsicle stick weave wave

Popsicle Stick Weave Wave, Popsicle Bomb, Popsicle Explosion

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Inspired by, Be Cool Grandpa and others

Kinetic Energy: Potential energy which a body possesses by virtue of being in motion.

Time: set up - gather popsicle sticks

Activities: 1 plus

Skill level: medium - Adult help to get started.


  • Eye protection
  • Camera in video slow motion mode.
  • Sharpie marker
  • 100 Wooden popsicle sticks (6”x3/4)colored popsicle sticks -Amazon link
  • 1 Dish towel or on the carpet with a tight carpet weave (not plush or shag)
  • Some open space to make the popsicle stick chain.
  • Be Cool Grandma’s poem to help learn the stick weave.

Be Cool Grandma's Poem

The Popsicle Stick Weave Poem

Bottom - Top, Criss Cross Over - Under, connect the dots.

Every stick is parallel, Hold it snug till it fits well.

Keep the pattern going tight. Till it’s time to take its flight.

The energy trapped wants to move. Every stick will dance and groove.

Be Cool Grandma


instructions for activities:

This activity will require learning the Cobra Weave (as in, Cobra snake) to make the popsicle sticks move and create a wave motion. It won’t take much time to learn, but you will need to practice the weave. The most difficult part will be the beginning of the weave.

The Weave.

Step 1) Grab 10 popsicle sticks. Lay them out and draw an open circle on the left side of each stick. Then number them 1 through 10. On the right side draw a big dot. Optional: write the poem line on each stick. I think it looks cool.

Step 2) Lay your dish towel down on a table or get down on your carpet floor. Note: your dish towel should have a tight weave or your carpet should not be plush or shag. You don’t want the popsicle sticks to get stuck to the towel or carpet.

Step 3) Stick 1 & 2, bottom and top criss cross. Stick 3, over stick 2, then under stick 1. You will need to start to hold them down with your fingers. Stick 4, over stick 3, then under stick 1 (right side dot). Stick 5, over stick 4, then under
stick 2 (left side circle). Now you can see the pattern start to form and just keep build the weave and holding your finger on the dots to keep everything together.

Make the weave as long as you like. But you’ll need to lock the weave together. Place a popsicle stick under the second to last left stick and under the last right stick.

Step 4) Get a video of the popsicle sticks releasing the kinetic energy and watch the wave of the weave go. Once the lock stick is removed the sticks go very fast. Slow motion mode is fun to watch and show your friends.

grandpa’s thoughts:

I love this activity because it teaches so many science lessons at the same time. As you learn about kinetic energy, you find that it's all around you.

Also, I love just playing with popsicle sticks. It's fun to build little cabins, picnic tables and benches with popsicle sticks. It's kind of like having a puzzle out on a table just play with the popsicle sticks and have some fun.



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