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Time: 4 Hours

Skill level: Medium - it takes some shopping


  • 1+ gallon plastic jar with lid. Costco has a lot of these with jars. You will just need to buy one and empty the contents. 
  • 2 feet of flexible plastic tubing with connecting parts (you will need to go to a hardware store and figure out the connecting parts)
  • 2 lbs of dry ice 
  • Soft gloves
  • Food coloring
  • Warm water
  • Some food coloring - optional 
  • Small plastic cup
  • Some Dawn dish detergent. Grandpa Tip: Dawn seems to work the best for some reason. 


  1. Cut a small hole about 3/4 of the way up on the jar.
  2. Connect the tube using your items you found at the hardware store.
  3. Pour some warm water into the jar (a little less than half full)
  4. Put some dry ice in the jar and watch the fog form.
  5. Use the lid to control the fog pressure coming out of the hose. Grandpa Tip: Do not screw on the lid, it will help regulate the fog pressure coming out of the tube.
  6. Fill the cup with water and add some Dawn dish soap. 
  7. Dip the smooth end of the tube into the soap solution.
  8. With you hand on the lid, regulate the pressure and watch the bubbles form.
  9. Try putting the glove on and bouncing the bubble on your hand. 

grandpa’s thoughts:

OK grandpa, I know you can do this one. It's a fun opportunity to take your grandkids to the hardware store and look for the parts. All you need to do is get some parts to connect the tube to the jar and then make sure you have a smooth connector on the on the tube end that goes into the bubble solution.

Kick it up with some food coloring if you want to make colored bubbles. Whoever thought you would be able to hold a bubble in your hand and bounce it!

Give it a try and you'll be the cool grandpa.


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